Our Sponsors

We are honored to work with organizations who are sponsoring this event. Our combined efforts will enable us to offer this day to our community as a free event. Thank you to those who have generously supported us.



The following technology partners have worked with us to develop customized learning stations for the day's event. Each presenter has a specialized skill set, allowing their teams to teach kids in fun and engaging ways.


Google Expeditions - Augmented Reality

Imagine staring into the eye of a miniature Category 5 hurricane or getting up close with a strand of DNA. With Expeditions AR, teachers can bring the world into the classroom to help engage students with immersive lessons. Expeditions AR uses Google's AR technology to map the physical classroom and placed 3D objects. Students can walk all around the objects, get in close to spot details, and step back to see the full picture.


Achievement House Cyber Charter School (pi Wars)

Achievement House Cyber Charter School is a non-profit public school serving Pennsylvania students in grades 7-12. A broad selection of online courses provides a flexible, well-balanced education, custom-designed for academic success. Innovative, interactive technology brings the school program and teachers into a student’s home, a safe place to learn and grow. We are proud to be accredited by Middle States Association and offer NCAA approved courses.


code ninjas

Kids love technology, games, and having fun with friends. Parents want to give their kids the best and brightest future possible. Everyone wins at Code Ninjas. Kids learn to code through our engaging game-based curriculum that teaches teamwork, logic, math, and problem solving. They gain vital skills while having a blast. That's the Code Ninjas way!

We are partnering with the newly opened Downingtown, PA location.


Internet retailer Turn5 will be providing a rapid prototyping demonstration that highlights the versatility of this technology and shows how we use it in our business to conceive and develop products for the automotive aftermarket. From video games, to architecture, or apparel and more, rapid prototyping is changing the future of product development and design, allowing companies to design faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Downingtown Area Robotics

Downingtown Area Robotics is a non-profit organization whose mission is to introduce, expand, and develop our student's STEM skills, confidence, communication, and leadership. We are part of the FIRST® Robotics community, composed of a diverse group of students and mentors.



TechGirlz offers free workshops to middle school girls to get them interested in different kinds of technology, show them varied career options, and connect them with professionals in technology fields.  We stress that there is more to tech careers than just coding. Through our free hands-on TechShopz, we show them that technology can match their interests and be fun and rewarding.  We also provide free lesson plans that can be used in classrooms or for companies to run their own Techshop in their community.