The Details


Video Game Station

Meet with 3D artists to view video game characters and rapid prototype models of goblins, warriors and more. Here you will learn how computer programming works behind the scenes to power your favorite games on mobile phones, gaming consoles, and desktop computers. This experience shows kids that games are much more just visuals and we will recommend a few resources so kids can learn about coding and design on their own.
- Receive your Game Designer Stamp


Aerial Drone Station 

Every day, drones get used in sports, movies, TV, gaming and more, and their use is expanding every year. Check out aerial drones, talk with licensed professional drone pilots and check out some of the coolest video footage shot by these talented videographers.
- Recieve your Drone Pilot Stamp


Robotic Station

Come to see robots built with Raspberry Pi's and interact with them. This expanding branch of engineering and science teaches kids how robots are changing the world we live in and how they are used in so many ways. Learn about robot kits you can purchase and how you can teach yourself about robotics!
- Recieve your Robotics Stamp


Architecture Station

View an interactive learning experience showing the concept of architectural and interior design. Meet the architect who designed our headquarters and view printed 2D plans. Then try on a VR headset showing a 3D rendering of our building. Finally, walk the actual space to see how these elements come together in real life.
- Receive your Architect Stamp


Rapid Prototype & Product Design Station

Check out concept art and 3D printed prototypes of motorcycle and car parts, then view the final designs on real vehicles. This station will include 3D rapid prototype pens where kids get the chance to draw 3D objects into thin air; learn about spatial and dimensional thinking and have fun doing it.
- Recieve your Product Designer Stamp