Kids Tech Exploration Day

The Details

This free community event will take place in Paoli, PA at the Turn5 headquarters from 11am - 3pm on October 13th, 2018. Hosted by Turn5, this event is a chance to see the emerging technology that we are using in our business. We have partnered with local organizations who specialize in the education of these technologies specifically designed for children.

Upon arrival, each child will receive a Tech Passport Book. Children will be encouraged to explore the space and visit 5 unique learning stations at their own pace. At each station they will learn about a tech topic and will be encouraged to ask questions and try out different tech gadgets.

Once they complete each station, a sticker will be applied to each child’s Tech Passport Book. Those who collect all the stickers and complete their Tech Passport will be entered for a chance to win a remote controlled drone.

Additional games and food for children and adults will be included. Join us for a day of learning intended to fire up young minds and get them thinking about future technology.


Video Game Station

Learn how computer programming works behind the scenes to power your favorite games on mobile phones, consoles and desktops.

This experience shows kids that games are much more than meets the eye, and we will recommend a few resources so kids can learn about coding and design on their own.
- Receive your Game Designer Sticker

Presenter: Code Ninjas - Downingtown, PA


Augmented Reality Station

Imagine staring into the eye of a miniature Category 5 hurricane or getting up close with a strand of DNA. With Google Expeditions AR, we can bring the outside world into the classroom to help engage students with immersive lessons. Expeditions AR uses Google's AR technology to map the physical room and place 3D objects throughout. Kids can walk all around the objects, get in close to spot details, and step back to see the full picture.

- Receive your AR Expedition Sticker

Presenter: Google


Rapid Prototype & Product Design Station

Check out different types of concept art and 3D printed prototypes from characters to car parts. Learn how rapid prototyping is changing the future of design, and how Turn5 uses this tech. This station will include a working RP machine, concept art and see the final parts installed on a muscle car!
- Receive your Product Designer Sticker

Presenter: Turn5


Coding Station

Visit this station to learn how the Turn5 team uses code to help people design their dream Jeep! Choose different colors, and try on different types of wheels and tires on an ipad. Kids are encouraged to ask questions about how Turn5 merges the world of physical and digital products to help customers build their dream car.

- Receive your Coding Sticker

Presenter: Turn5


Robotic Station

Come see and interact with robots built with Raspberry Pis. This expanding branch of engineering and science teaches kids how robots are changing the world we live in, and how they are used in so many ways. Learn about robot kits you can purchase and how you can teach yourself about robotics!
- Receive your Robotics Sticker

Presenters: PiWars, Achievement House Cyber Charter School & Downingtown Area Robotics


What’s Inside a Computer Station

Do you know what’s inside your computer? Visit this station to learn what’s beneath the surface. You’ll get to open up a computer with a screwdriver and identify the parts inside it. Learn about which parts are needed to make a computer run, and which parts you can replace to improve its performance.

- Receive your What’s in a Computer Sticker

Presenter: TechGirlz


Aerial Drone Station

Every day, drones get used in sports, movies, real estate, construction, gaming and more, and their use is expanding every year. Check out aerial drones, talk with licensed professional drone pilots and learn about the ways drones are being put to work to solve problems in different industries.
- Receive your Drone Pilot Sticker

Presenters: Achievement House Cyber Charter School


In addition to our Tech Passport Challenge, we are pleased to offer the following:


Food for Kids & Adults

Food and refreshments will be offered during the event to keep our guest entertained and avoid any "hangry" moments along the way. We have kids...we get it. 

* Food allergies are at the discretion of the parent or guardian on site.



Enjoy a few games while attending the event, such as bowling in our indoor bowling alley!

Event Location

Turn5 - 600 Cedar Hollow Road, Paoli, PA 19301